Multihead Weigher RS/RVE Series

Ishida’s RVE-range of multihead weighers deliver excellent levels of weighing performance at a balanced price point – all with proven reliability. Ishida’s range of hard-working multihead weighers represent outstanding value, with accuracy and speed that outperform most ‘top-of-the-range’ competitor weighing machine models.

This multihead weigher strikes the balance between impressive durability and rigorous quality control, achieving consistent results for a range of products, from shellfish to salads.

Multihead Weigher RS/ RVE Series

Ishida has over 120-years history of weighing innovation, with more multihead weighers installed and adding value than any other supplier. The new RVE series represents the latest in multihead weighing performance for speed, accuracy and reliability, and comes with a wide range of features to ensure high performance industrial weighing is achieved at an interesting price point.

As global demand for broader applications has grown, so has our range of solutions. This is achieved due to the flexible specification of 10, 14, 16 and 20* head options, 1.5, 3, 5 or 7 hopper sizes – combined with a selection of feeder, hopper, discharge or timing hopper designs. These are all available with a large range of contact parts that are available in different materials (to handle different levels of product flow characteristics).

Choose your level of construction The RVE series is built to your specifications regarding product, application and environment. You can choose dry or waterproof construction along with many different options designed to overcome you business and application challenges

Fast and precise weighing for improved productivity and profitability The RVE range draws upon technological features previously reserved only for the highest range such as programmable digital filtering and advanced automatic feeder adjustment which now come as standard. Critical components such as load cells and drive weigh units is exclusively designed and manufactured by Ishida to ensure strict performance standards are maintained.

User-friendly design and easy set-up The Remote Control Unit (RCU) has intuitive, easy-to-use controls that make initial set up and daily operations easy. The clear and easy-to-read screens prevent operator errors and simplify procedures, minimizing machinery downtime and maximizing production efficiency. Plug and play USB data import/ export and Ethernet connectivity are also available for simpler data management.

Pre-configured for SMART FACTORIES While the RVE European and Japanese construction is very robust, we recognise the need for advanced service support to our customers. Ishida offers much more than a remote control service. We offer pre-determined SENTINEL packs with options of automated daily reporting, remote interventions, or even a live performance monitoring service

Compliance with FDA and EU Food Contact standards All materials are FDA-approved and comply with Article 16(1) of Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 and Article 15 of Regulation 10/2011. To fully meet the EU’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) non-hazardous materials are used for all circuit boards, parts, materials, and finishes.

The RVE-series Multihead Weighers also offers:

  • Improved weighing accuracy that leads to more packs per kg of product
  • Fast calculation time, delivering more packs per shift
  • Self-tuning vibration system to optimise product flow
  • Simple, tool-free cleaning that cuts weighing machine downtime
  • Quicker, simpler training, with an easy-to-learn operator interface
  • A range of ‘bolt-on’ options for specific needs
  • Pre-configured for Smart Factories with Sentinel packs on options
  • Top speeds of up to 120 weighments per minute.
  • choice of features that cater to your production line needs, be it an all-stainless steel body, waterproofing or more.
  • A pre-programmed settings system which allows you to change settings of any connected device, offering up to 200 product pre-sets.
  • Support for mix-weighing, going up to four products at a time

Multi-Head Weigher RS / RVE Series

Weighing range / single dump400gm & 800gm400gm & 800gm400gm800gm
Max. volume / single dump4.5 Lts4.5 Lts
2.25 Lts2.25 Lts
Max. weighing speed70WPM120WPM
120WPM1S = 120WPM 2D = 90WPM/one side
Min. graduation @ 400gm0.1gm0.1gm
Min. graduation @ 800gm0.2gm
Touch screen display10.4" LCD screen10.4" LCD screen10.4" LCD screen10.4" LCD screen
Weigh CellDouble-BeamDouble-BeamDouble-BeamDouble-Beam
Number of pre-sets200 Pre-sets200 Pre-sets200 Pre-sets200 Pre-sets
Material of constructionStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel
IP Test ratingSS = IP-54 rating WP = IP-66 ratingSS = IP-54 rating WP = IP-66 ratingSS = IP-54 rating WP = IP-66 ratingSS = IP-54 rating WP = IP-66 rating
Air Pressure required110L/min @0.02mpa110L/min @0.02mpa110L/min @0.02mpa110L/min @0.02mpa
Machine Weight450kg550kg400kg700kg
Noise levelLess than 80dBLess than 80dBLess than 80dBLess than 80dB

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2Download Multi-Head Weigher CHW Series Brochure
3Download Multi-Head Weigher CHW Series Brochure