Hand Sealer – Sevana

SEVANA`S HB Series Hand Sealers are heavy duty, durable and suitable for 24 hours operation. you can select from a range of different models from 200mm to 500mm sealing length. HH Series on the other hand are basically hot bar sealers suitable for sealing aluminium pouches and all kind of laminated pouches. the sealing is very smart with 12 mm width and has a zigzag parallel seal pattern

Hand Sealer – Sevana

Sealing arm made of extraordinary plastic and body made of casting can bear up high temperature and impact.
Casting body coated two times by insulating material protects from rust.
Transformer as two times large as that of PHT is proper to seal 5mm sealing width and its transformer can be replaced of foot sealer. (World first) (Other goods for 5mm sealing in other world uses only 5mm heating element on the hand sealer for 2mm sealing width with the transformer 2mm)
Standard interior part in circuit board and certificated part gets rid of all possibilities to bring troubles.
Transformer, which is very important part in the middle of sealer functions, is made of the best quality coil and parts by Posteel (one of World best steel company) so it can be capable of allowing high volume and it cannot accept any followings in terms of quality.
By the heating element made of special nickel, chrome it promises a long-term use.
All wires in the body and P.C.B are coated by insulating varnish, material especially like Epoxy.
Sealing part (body cover) given an angle is useful to cut and seal films.
Simple design associated with express train attracts popular attention.
Cutter equipped on the sealing arm makes you easy when you work regardless film difference.
With lower price than other foot sealers, it can alternate 5mm foot sealer.
HB sealer smaller than foot sealer is easy to move so it can also be used in narrow place.

  • For sealing heat sealable poly poucheS
  • Hand operated impulse (instant) sealing
  • Adjustable electronic timer
  • Audio and visual sealing indicators
  • Suitable for packing solids, granules and powders
  • Ideal for use in shops and bakeries
  • Round element option for simultaneous sealing and cutting

Hand Sealers-Sevana

Model 200HB300HB400HB500HB200HH (Hotbar sealer)300HH (Hotbar sealer)
Seal Length (mm)

200 MM300 MM400 MM500 MM200 MM300 MM
Seal Width (mm)1.6 MM1.6 MM1.6 MM1.6 MM15 MM15 MM
Voltage240 VAC 50/60 HZ240 VAC 50/60 HZ240 VAC 50/60 HZ240 VAC 50/60 HZ240 VAC 50/60 HZ240 VAC 50/60 HZ
Power210 W360 W450 W550 W120 W200 W
Dimensions (LxWxH) 300 x 85 x 145 mm400 x 85 x 145 mm530 x 85 x 145 mm640 x 85 x 145 mm300 x 85 x 145 mm400 x 85 x 145 mm
Weight 2.5 Kgs4.15 Kgs4.8 Kgs5.7Kgs2.5 Kgs4.15 Kgs