Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machine AP-420

AP-420 Vertical Form-Fill-Machine is an automatic high performance, high speed machine for packing granules, powder, liquids etc. It can fill and pack from 50gm to 2 kg depending on the product density. Entire machine is made out of Stainless steel 304 grade as per the GMP standards.

This machine can be equipped with various types of filling systems such as Volumetric cup filler, Computerised Multi-head weigher, Linear weigher, Liquid pump filler etc according to the product nature and accuracy requirement.

Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machine AP-420

AP-420 Automatic Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machine is a very versatile and high speed machine to pack up to 1 Kgs depending on the product density. It uses the latest technology to provide the ultimate durability, accuracy and high efficiency. Machine can make pillow bag and stand up bags with options like hole punching device, continuous bags with perforation, batch cutting etc.

A range of Accessories like Date coding device, Product in-feed conveyor, Z type bucket elevator conveyor, Product take off conveyor, Bag gusseting attachment, Bag header hole punching device, Automatic batch cutting, Nitrogen flushing attachment etc are available according to the customer requirement.

Salient Features

  • PLC Control with touch panel HMI interface.
  • Equipped with SERVO controlled film dragging system for high precision and smooth film movement.
  • Pneumatically controlled sealing system with SMC air cylinders.
  • Zig-zag multi-line horizontal seal pattern to ensure 100% positive sealing.
  • Intelligent temperature control system for precise heat control.
  • Automatic fault finding and safety alarm system.
  • Complete machine is made out of Stainless steel as per the GMP standards.
  • State of the art Mitsubishi PLC, Panasonic SERVO drive & motor.
  • Omron Temperature controllers.
  • Schneider Electric components.
  • Weinview Touch screen HMI control system.
  • Electronic Hot ribbon date coding system as standard.
  • Thermal transfer coding system (optional).
  • Film roll holder shaft is with pneumatic grip for precision.

Add ons for functionality

  • Wide range of filling systems. (Cup filler / Multi-head weigher / Auger filler / Piston filler  etc)
  • Z type bucket Elevator with Vibratory feeder (Full Stainless Steel construction)
  • Single bucket product feeding conveyor (Full Stainless Steel construction)
  • Finished product take off conveyor (Full Stainless Steel construction)
  • Platform and Gantry for the Multi-head weigher (Full Stainless steel construction)

Optional Attachments & Accessories

  • Gusseting device
  • Perforated chain bag system
  • Automatic Batch cutting
  • Nitrogen flushing attachment
  • Thermal transfer coding device
  • Hole punching device

Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machines AP-420

Model AP-420
Packing Speed20-80 Bags/min
Bag Size 60-200mm (width) x 50-300mm (Length)
Maximum Film Width 420mm
Thickness of Film0.04-0.08mm
Film TypeLaminated Film
Filling RangeUp to 1 Kg / 1300ml
Air Consumption 200L/Min at 0.8 mpa
Power2.2KW / 220v, 50-60Hz
Machine Size1400 x 970 x 1600 (LxWxH)
Machine Weight400Kgs
Available Filling SystemsVolumetric Cup Filler / Multi-Head Weigher / Auger Filler / Liquid Filler
Bag TypePillow Bag / Gusseted Bag
Date CodingHot ribbon foil coding as standard / Thermal Transfer printer (optional)