APL-DS-U Two Sides Labeler With Wrap Station uses self-adhesive label, can simultaneously label front and back of square, flat, round and ellipse bottles. Can also label on only one side. Especially it’s just needs 20 second to become the complete Wrap Around Labeling mode and label the round bottle whole around or what you want. Two Sides Labeler With Wrap Station is manufactured in high quality control and setting the developed control system  design.

Double side With Wrap around  Labeling Machine APL-DS-U

The APL-DS-U is mostly applicable for the automatic labeling of column, square or taper package containers for medicine, daily chemical, food cultural supplies, electronics and etc. It can automatically check the length of labels and is equipped with warning device of insufficient labels, broken labels and no achromatic. The human-machine touch screen is easy and visual to operate. In addition,  it has rich help functions and  failure display function.


  • Single side or double side & wrap round simultaneously on any shape & size containers.
  • Speed up-to 100-200 containers/min.
  • Digital Servo Technology.
  • Two label dispensers operates independently which allows different size of label application on either side.
  • Unique spring loaded twin worm system virtually eliminated the use of any tools making it toll-less operation.
  • Spring action feed warm / feed screw ensures high safety to containers in case of toppling down does not damage.
  • 3 Axis label dispensers allows any degree of label dispensing possible for any shape & bottle.

The machine is suitable for Flat bottle round bottle or round container to label control system adopted servomotor two-axis PLC control, control, collocation large LCD human interface, it is easily to operate, servo motor control label.
This machine is made of SUS304 and aluminum alloy to meet GMP standards label. Speed is synchronized with conveyor speed track, can be used with 650mm diameter turntable automatically into the bottle. Optional hot foil printer.


Achieve fast labeling the adhesive label or adhesive film on round or conical surface of the products.
Label applicable:

adhesive labels, electronic supervision code, bar code etc

Product Advantage:
Improve labeling efficiency, accuracy and quality and stability; Lower product cost effectively and make the product more competitive.
Adopt horizontal labeling method, completely achieve labeling round or half-Labeling speed 200 bottles/min, which save much more labor cost and materials.
No step speed regulation on the labeling speed, transportation speed and bottle division speed, easy for worker to adjust according to reality.
Has automatic bottle separation function.
No bottle no labeling, no label no labeling.

Speed100-200 BPM
Label Length8 to 300 mm
Label Height95/125/225/(std.)
above 225mm (optional)
Dispenser MotorServo Motor & Drive
Stop Tolerance+/- 0.5 to 0.75 mm (servo)
Products Height(40—400 mm ) Depending Upon Label Height
Roll Dia300 mm
Core Diameter75 mm
Control InterfacePLC , HMI ,VFD & Servo Drive
VoltageAC220V 50/60HZ
Machine Size(L)3100mm × (W)1720mm × (H)1490mm
Machine Weight280 KG
Optional Accessories Coding Unit (Hot Foil or Thermal Printer)
Extra Label releasing Plates
MaterialFrame and main components are made from SUS#304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum.