Automatic Liquid Packaging Machine (FFS) AXPY-40/150

AXPY-40 and AXPY-150 are the best small sachet machine for filling liquid products and producing either 3 side sealed or 4 side sealed  bags. It is ideal for products such as alcohol, shampoo, oil, glycerine, etc.  It’s simple design with advanced control system makes it one of the best machines in its category. Operation of the machine is easy and user friendly.

The liquid filling unit is a piston filler controlled by adjustable cam unit. 

Automatic Liquid Packaging Machine (FFS) AXPY-40/150

AXPY-40/150 series Automatic Liquid Filling Machines are the most advanced and solid machines of its range. These machines are used to pack all types thin liquid products such us alcohol, vinegar, lotions, glycerine, oils etc.  It does the bag making, measuring and filling, sealing and date coding in one cycle automatically.

Machine adopts computerised PLC control which makes it very user friendly and easy to adjust. Filling system is made up of a precise piston filler and an adjustable cam controller.

Most parts of the machine is made out of stainless steel material as per the GMP standards. Contact parts are out of SS-316. This machine is use only single phase power and  does not need any compressed air, so it is very suitable for small factories and startups. Simple design with advanced control system makes this machine very easy to operate and user friendly.

Machine has an  advanced type  electronic coding unit controlled by a stepper motor for good quality date coding by using the hot foil ribbon.

 Salient Features

  • Controlled by advanced PLC system
  • 3 side or 4 side sealed pouches
  • Touch control HMI interface for easy operation.
  • Automatic adjustment of pouch size and filling range by the HMI
  • VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) and motor
  • Colour photo-electric sensor.
  • Stainless Steel cladding as per the GMP standards
  • Automatic self support lubricating system; machine can work 24 hours
  • Equipped with antipollution and dustproof device.
  • Minimum sealing temperature variation by adopting digital temperature controllers ( PID). the tolerance is normally within ± 2% range
  • Equipped long filling screw to make the sealing area clean.
  • Movable casters for easy transportation and positioning
  • Electronic hot ribbon coding for date coding
1Model CH-720
2Package Speed 20-50 Bags/min
3Bag Size 110-350m (width) x 100-420m (Length)
4 Maximum Width of Film 720m
5Thickness Of Film0.04-0.10m
6Film TypeLaminated Film
7Maximum Range of MeasuringUpto 4L
8Air Consumption 0.8 cubic metre/min at 0.8 mpa
9Power Of Voltage4kw/220v, 50-60lts
10Machine Size1780x1350x2000 (LxWxH)
11Machine Weight800kg
12Optional Filling SystemMulti-Head Weigher / Volumetric Cup with Auger Filled / Liquid Filler
13Bag TypePillow ponehr / Guzzetted bag
14Dah CodyHotribban foil cody.
Thermal Transfer printer (optional)